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 The bill is used in the 23 euro-defining countries with a population of approximately $343 million. In June 2020, around the eurozone circulated approximately $562,000,000 in banknotes. The second most common name, representing 2.2 percent of the total banknotes. The banknotes, which measure 153 to 82 mm, is the second largest, and have a color yellow. The EUR220 banknotes display Art Nouveau bridges and arches.finest fake euro bills for sale

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A change of color ink that appears to change from purple to brown when the note is tilt, used on a numeral placed at the back of the page. A number impressed on both sides of the note at the top of the note seems to match seamlessly together in order to form the numeral value when held against the sun. A bright strip displaying the figure and the euro-symbol at the back of the page.

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