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counterfeit fake euro money

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Do you have a fake banknote in your hands? Warning! Let’s find out what you risk with the possession and use of counterfeit money. It takes very little to get in trouble!counterfeit fake euro money

Possession and use of counterfeit money: better take the side of legality

Finding one or more counterfeit banknotes in your hands is not something unimaginable: the illegal masterpieces of counterfeiters are seriously endangering the money market.counterfeit fake euro money

Counterfeit banknotes, increasingly difficult to distinguish from real ones, can create many problems for those who hold them and continue to use them by putting them back into circulation. How many times do you hear the phrase: “but I didn’t know anything about it! I didn’t agree that I had a fake banknote”

. A phrase that comes from the mouth of someone who, in most cases unaware of the legality of the money with which he has just made a purchase, makes it come out of his trembling mouth, opening his eyes wide in fear. Yes, because you have to be afraid! Possession and use of counterfeit money are crimes, and the risks involved are so many and not insignificant.counterfeit fake euro money

However, often, the first sentence indicated as an excellent excuse does not always come out of the mouth of those unaware (this is why the expression “… in most cases”). A small clarification to make it clear that this short article is aimed at those who, in good faith, had not noticed that they were handling counterfeit banknotes and paid for any product in a business. Therefore, the following is aimed primarily at those who love to live legally, direct them on the right tracks, and avoid unpleasant surprises.counterfeit fake euro money

What is the risk with the possession and use of counterfeit money?
Many wonders, especially those who are well within the large group of good guys, that is, those who love legality, what you risk paying, without realizing it, with a fake banknote.counterfeit fake euro money

Let’s avoid going the long way and get straight to the point by pointing out, on a legal level, the difference between possession and use of counterfeit money. The Italian law is strict with those who swap fake money with willfulness but turns a blind eye to those who have it. What does it mean? Analyzing what has just been said, it is possible to state that having a fake banknote with you, keeping it at home or in your wallet, is not a crime.counterfeit fake euro money

What happens if the city, unaware of having received a fake banknote, pays for a product and the merchant realizes the illegality of the money? Here, this is precisely the moment in which the hypothesis of a crime is triggered. Remember the sentence from the first paragraph? Boom! The honest citizen’s heart bursts, and the same sentence, with difficulty, comes out of his mouth. Has he committed a crime?counterfeit fake euro money

You are confused, aren’t you? Let’s clarify once and for all to understand what you risk with the possession and use of counterfeit money:counterfeit fake euro money

A crime is committed only when one has the intention (willful misconduct) to sell counterfeit banknotes; The mere possession of false money does not constitute a crime;counterfeit fake euro money

if there is good faith, i.e. you were not in any way aware of the falsity of the money used, you cannot speak of a crime (in this case, the element of voluntariness is missing, a point of reference for fully configuring the criminal case ).

What to do?
Having clarified the difference between possession and use of counterfeit money, let’s see what to do when you realize that you are holding a fake banknote in your hands.counterfeit fake euro money

As has already been indirectly saying, it is good to know that money must not be spent. Otherwise, one falls back into the hypothesis of dealing with fake money. The best thing to do is go to any bank and have the banknote checked, which will be withdrawn if declared as false. There is no financial compensation, but a copy of the counterfeit banknote and a specific report will be issued upon counterfeit fake euro money

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Counterfeiting of the currency of the United States is widely attempted. According to the United States Department of Treasury, an estimated $70 million in counterfeit bills are in circulation, or approximately 1 Counterfeit US Dollar bills in counterfeits for every 10,000 in genuine currency, with an upper bound of $200 million counterfeits, or 1 counterfeit per 4,000 genuine notes.

However, these numbers are based on annual seizure rates on counterfeiting by amateur counterfeit bills producers, and the actual stock of counterfeit money is uncertain because counterfeit US Dollar notes produced by professionals like Quality Fake Money successfully circulate undetectably.counterfeit fake euro money

The United States of America is seen as the promised land on earth, right? And am sure buying counterfeit US Dollar by US national might appear as something embarrassing or unusual. However, it is something that is common and it is for many reasons. People buy counterfeit US Dollar to use it for a political campaign, pay their long-lasting loan, for fun or just to make their life much easier.counterfeit fake euro money

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The American dollar is now one of the most widely used currencies in the world. It is accepted in every second country, both officially and unofficially. So, wherever your destination is, you can rest easy knowing that you will pay there with dollar bills.counterfeit fake euro money

Countries Using The US Dollar as currency

The United States Dollar has been adopted, and in some cases used as the official currency, in many different territories and countries. This process of incorporating the currency of one country into a different economic market is called ‘dollarization’. Dollarization of the US Dollar has occurred in the British Virgin Islands, East Timor, Ecuador, El Salvador, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Panama, Pitcairn Islands, and Turks and Caicos Islands.counterfeit fake euro money

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No matter how legit a banknote may look, there is always some degree of uncertainty when UV detection machines are used. The US dollar is one of the most popular currencies used in the world, which means it is a valuable asset in counterfeiting. To produce counterfeit US dollar bills that are just like authentic ones, we make use of the security features incorporated by legal producers.counterfeit fake euro money

One of the first things to look out for is the feeling you get when you hold our counterfeit US dollar banknotes. As you slide your fingers over the bill, the grainy texture of the paper can be felt.

We make use of the gravure printing process and uniquely compose the paper. Taking from legit US dollar notes, our fake US dollar bills are made with paper which is a blend of 75% cotton and 25% linen.

Like most super currencies, the US dollar has the color-shifting ink effect. When you tilt our counterfeit US dollar bills, you can observe this changing color too. The numbers in the lower right corner change color from copper to green for $ 10 or more. The inkwell bell on the $ 100 bill also changes from copper to green.counterfeit fake euro money

We equally make use of a 3D security tape which is observable by the presence of a band on our bills. The $ 100 invoice has a 3D blue security band with a bell and 100 images. Swing the note back and forth and the bell alongside the 100 will move left and right within the band. You can equally tilt the note left or right to watch the bell and the 100 move up and down. Buy undetectable counterfeit US dollars online from us and observe how useful this feature is. Unlike low-quality counterfeits that print the tape, we wove the 3D security tape into the paper.counterfeit fake euro money

Another feature that we use to render our fake US dollar bills undetectable is the security thread. This thread is vertically embedded in our fake US dollar bills and it is not visible unless the note is placed in the light.counterfeit fake euro money

The thread is embedded in different positions for each denomination and shines in different colors when held by ultraviolet (UV) light. The security thread can be seen from the front and backside of each bill we sell.counterfeit fake euro money

A unique feature of all banknotes is what is called a watermark. It is a faint image that is embedded in the bill. Hold the bill over the light and you will see a faint image to the right of a portrait with a face value of the corresponding amount. Watermarks can be seen from both sides of our fake US dollar bills. For denominations of $ 10 or more, the watermark matches the portrait. The $ 5 invoice rather has two watermarks, both with the number 5.counterfeit fake euro money

Lastly, we make use of micro-printing to make our bills look as legit as possible. Micro prints are used in several places to help with authentication. These small prints may need to be magnified to show them, but they are always clear. Micro prints correspond to denominations or contain expressions such as “US”. The actual US currency paper has small red and blue security fibers embedded throughout and so do our counterfeit US dollar banknotes.counterfeit fake euro money

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