Activation Powder

Buy Activation Powder Online for Cleaning your Defaced Money


We call our company the best for being transparent with the clients. We do not entertain any hidden policies. Our products are 100% safe and effective to use. We not only provide you powder for cleaning black money but also assist you with how to clean black money at home. From the use of this white powder, you can easily go with the process of discoloring the black notes. In this powder, there are activated carbon present that helps in easy removal of black coating from the notes. Within the first application on the black notes, this powder gets stick to the black coating and takes along the blackness when removed. This powder is easy to use at home and effective for a huge amount too.

This product has a great demand on the global level and we deal with the same every day. We sell this product at a cost-effective price. We make use of prime quality ingredients to produce this powder. Always make sure that you use this product with caution and under experts’ supervision. Do not allow this powder to come in contact with your eyes, nose, and ears while applying on the notes. If somehow it happens, then wash away it promptly.