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The¬†euro¬†(symbol:¬†‚ā¨;¬†code:¬†EUR) is the official¬†currency¬†of 19 of the 27¬†member states¬†of the¬†European Union. This group of states is known as the¬†eurozone¬†or euro area and includes about 343¬†million citizens as of 2019.¬†The euro, which is divided into 100¬†cents, is the second-largest and second-most traded currency in the¬†foreign exchange market¬†after the¬†United States dollar.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

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The currency is also used officially by the institutions of the European Union, by four European microstates that are not EU members, the British Overseas Territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, as well as unilaterally by Montenegro and Kosovo. Outside Europe, a number of special territories of EU members also use the euro as their currency. Additionally, over 200 million people worldwide use currencies pegged to the euro.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

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The euro is the second-largest¬†reserve currency¬†as well as the second-most traded currency in the world after the United States dollar.¬†As of December¬†2019, with more than ‚ā¨1.3¬†trillion in circulation, the euro has one of the highest combined values of banknotes and coins in circulation in the world.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

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The name euro was officially adopted on 16 December 1995 in Madrid. The euro was introduced to world financial markets as an accounting currency on 1 January 1999, replacing the former European Currency Unit (ECU) at a ratio of 1:1 (US$1.1743). Physical euro coins and banknotes entered into circulation on 1 January 2002, making it the day-to-day operating currency of its original members, and by March 2002 it had completely replaced the former currencies. quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

While the euro dropped subsequently to US$0.83 within two years (26 October 2000), it has traded above the U.S. dollar since the end of 2002, peaking at US$1.60 on 18 July 2008 and since then returning near to its original issue rate. In late 2009, the euro became immersed in the European sovereign debt crisis, which led to the creation of the European Financial Stability Facility as well as other reforms aimed at stabilizing and strengthening the currency.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

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Map of Europe

Have you noticed the map of Europe on the back of the Europa series banknotes? It now includes the islands of Malta and Cyprus ‚Äď two countries that joined the European Union after the launch of the first series.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

Architectural style

The ‚ā¨200 euro banknote shows 19th-century iron and glass architecture.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden


To date, Mario Draghi is the only President to have signed the Europa series banknotes.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

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28 May 2019 Introduction of the new ‚ā¨200
Security features

Raised print

Feel the banknote. On the front, there are short raised lines on the left and right edges. These lines, as well as the main image, the lettering, and the large value numeral feel thicker.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

Portrait watermark

Hold the banknote against the light. An image of Europa, a copy of the main image, and the value of the banknote appear on the left.

Portrait window

Look at the banknote against the light? The window in the hologram on the right becomes transparent and reveals a portrait of Europa on both sides of the note.

Emerald number

Tilt the banknote. The shiny number in the bottom-left corner changes color from emerald green to deep blue and displays an effect of the light that moves up and down. The new ‚ā¨100 and ‚ā¨200 banknotes also show tiny ‚ā¨ symbols inside the number.

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Tilt the banknote. The hologram ‚Äď the silvery stripe on the right ‚Äď reveals a portrait of Europa. The stripe also shows a copy of the main image and the value of the banknote.

Satellite hologram

The satellite hologram ‚Äď a feature unique to the ‚ā¨100 and ‚ā¨200 notes ‚Äď is at the top of the silvery stripe. When you tilt the banknote, it shows tiny ‚ā¨ symbols that move around the number. Those symbols become clearer under direct light.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

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The European Central Bank issued Euro banknotes in 7 different denominations, including this 100 Euros banknote (Second series). They are part of the Euro banknotes series. The European Central Bank started issuing these 100 Euro banknotes in 2019. They are currently still in circulation.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

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The second series ‚ā¨100 bill has an updated design and features extra safety features including a large hologram strip. Design elements on the one hundred euro banknote remain the same: Baroque and Rococo architectural elements including arches and bridges.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

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Issued by the European Central Bank, there are currently two sets of Euro notes in circulation. The First Issue, introduced in 2002, and the Second Issue, introduced in 2013. Old Euro banknotes remain valid and legal tender, with the exception of 500 euro notes.quality fake 50 Euros in Sweden

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