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Notes range from €5 to € 500 and, in comparison to euro coins, are similar in the eurozone but are distributed and printed in different Member States.

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These range from 1,20 mm to 62 mm (4,7 mm in = 2,4 mm) to 160 mm and are colored in a variety of ways.Fake euro notes online in Germany

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The Euro 500 bill was made between the introduction of the euro in 2002 and 2014 as the euro banknote of highest value.Fake euro notes online in Germany

It is now one of the highest circulating banknotes in the world valued at about USD 550, 3,943 CNY, 59,347 JPY, 533 CHF or GBP as of May 2020.

This banknote, which is issued in Europe  since 27 April 2019, is no longer issued by central banks. but is still a legal tender and can be applied as a means of payment.

This note is used with approximately 343 million in the 23 countries with the euro as their sole currency.Fake euro notes online in Germany

As a result, the high denominations were initially introduced quickly, so millions euros of banknotes were in circulation during the first seven years.

Also, the rate of increase was subsequently slowed dramatically.Fake euro notes online in Germany

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Around 424 million banknotes were in circulation in June 2020.

Also, It is the least commonly used denomination and is the largest bill with a scale of 160 / 82 mm and a purple color scheme comprising 1.7% of the total banknotes.

With five hundred euros depicting bridges and arch / doors in modern architecture.

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A shiny stripe on the back of the note displaying the numeral value and sign of the euro.Fake euro notes online in Germany

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There will be distorted circles of rainbow colors moving from the middle to the edges of the patch.

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Increased printing in the main picture would raise the numbers of lettering and values on the front of the banknotes.

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